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There was a ringing noise echoing through the house. It was what, four A.M? Who was calling Poland in the middle of the night? Or...morning?

The ringing stopped.

"Hello?" It was Lithuania. He must have answered.

You rolled to the other side and adjusted the covers over your body.

"Wha...! N-No! I...!"

You sat up and rubbed your eyes. What was going on? Lithuania sounded, terrified. Climbing out of bed, you yawned and headed to Lithuania.  You spotted the nation clutching the phone, holding it against his head and shivering, his face a ghostly white. You tapped his shoulder and said, "Lithuania? Are you okay? You're pale...give me that." You took the phone out of your friend's weak hands and walked a few paces away from him. "Hello?" You asked. "Who is this and why are you calling at four A.M? What are you saying to Lithuania?"

"Lithuania will come home, da? I will be coming to get him."

You dropped the phone, and turned to Lithuania, wide eyed and holding your breath with fear.

"Okay, we're all armed," you said, holding an AK-47 tightly across your chest. "When Russia comes, we shoot 'em!"

"Like, teach him a lesson," Poland said grouchily. "That fat ugly lard has some nerve coming around here." He was holding an AK-74 loosely in his hands.

"Be careful....I don't want you guys to be hurt because of me," Lithuania said weakly. "I'm really afraid of him, I can just run away."

"You looked out of the window, glancing around. "Too late, here comes the enemy!" You spotted Russia in the distance.

"What? He's here already?" Lithuania cried, dropping his gun on the floor. "We're dead!"

"Pick up that gun, soldier!" You snapped at him. Then, you turned back to the door and swallowed dryly. "Heh.. I'm starting to get a little scared. Let's block the entrance."

Poland looked around the room. "Like, [Y/N], you're out of you are totally mistaken if you think you're moving my stuff around.  I just got it, like, perfect!"
"This is not the time! A big Russia psychopath is about to break down the door and beat us all with a pipe! So it's either you move the furniture or get our blood all over it!" You shouted, waving your arms around like a spaz and accidentally throwing your gun across the room.

Poland blinked. "Did you feel that?"

There was a sudden breeze of cold air. Very cold air. But the windows were closed. "What the he-"

"There you are, da."

All three of you froze. Russia was right behind you. Within two seconds, the three of you were running down the hall screaming.

"How did he get in here?!" You cried.

"This is so uncool," Poland whined.

The three of you spotted a door and opened it quickly, pouring inside of the room. All you could do was hope that Russia didn't see you three hide. But just in case, you reached over to Lithuania and took his gun, which was an AK-47 like yours was. But minutes passed and there was not a sound from the outside of the room. You wanted nothing more than to be safe from Russia, to open the door and find him gone. But you knew that if you opened the door, you would probably find him standing right in front of you.

As time passed, you began to think you were safe when the sound of footsteps reached your ears. All three of you froze, your breath catching in your throat.

"Lithuania? Where are you, da? You can bring your friends and you can all work for me together." He sounded delighted with the idea.

Apparent ally, it was too much, because Poland squeaked.

You swung your head in his direction, glaring daggers at your friend. Are you a man, or a mouse?! You thought angrily, wishing he could read your mind.

The footsteps came to a sudden halt. Right outside of the door. Russia had heard Lithuania, and now he was standing right in front in the lace you three hid. If he opened that door, you were done for!

I'm dead, you thought. So dead. He's gonna kill me with a pipe. I don't want to go down this way!

Russia chuckled. "T thought I heard something." With that, he walked away.

For four hours, you, Lithuania, and Poland hid in that closet until Russia left, you and Lithuania hugging and holding in terrified tears.

"[Y/N], you are totally not cute when you're all freaked out," Poland huffed.

You glared at him.
Chapter Four- He's My Friend, You Can't Have Him!
Another chapter! This time, Russia is back to kill you all take back Lithuania.

Russia has always been one of my favorites, even if he is a sadist.

STILL not much romance... at all ;u;

Hetalia Axis Powers (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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RomanosMUSTACHE Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I loved iiit! Poland is so adorable!
OfGamingAndManga Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Student General Artist
Lithy, what happened to the spirit you had against PRussia in the manga? :3 awesome :3
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